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I am transitioning at the moment to a more holistic, spiritual way of coaching women.

We can heal our hearts and live a more joyful life when we understand our purpose on the Earth plane and connect with our higher self.

I have been going through a true spiritual awakening in the last few years and at the time didn’t understand that my marriage breaking down was part of it.

The pain and suffering that comes with awakening is a big part of the journey.

Think of a caterpillar going into the chrysalis stage at which point it dies, then from that painful ending emerges out into a beautiful butterfly.

If the caterpillar didn’t go through the pain it would never become what it is meant to be.

I believe this to be true of humans too and when we are in the midst of suffering, we can struggle to see the life ahead.

If you are feeling like this then I’d like to invite you to join my free Facebook group Dream Life Mastery where you will be guided and supported through your journey.

The end result of awakening is peace and knowing that you are fully supported as a conscious being.